Our Service

  • Conducting Searches
  • Advising on registrability
  • Monitoring use and publication of trademark
  • Application and registration of trademark
  • Advising on protection of trademark and branding
  • Opposition and appeal in respect of trademark application
  • Litigation in relation to infringement of trademark
  • Drafting and recordal of trademark assignment and licensing agreement

A trademark is a distinguishable sign associated with a trader’s goods or services. Trademarks could be word, design, character, letter, indication, number, figure, colour, sound, smell, the shape of the good or its packaging or any combination of them.

Owner’s rights

A trademark owner has the exclusive right to use the trademark on the relevant goods or services in its term (for registered trademark). If other traders use an identical / similar trademark in relation to the same / similar goods or services without the owner’s consent, they might be liable for infringement of the said trademark. The trademark owner could take legal action against the infringer and claim damages from them.

Term of Protection

Usually 10 years from the date of application, renewable for every 10 years.