Our Services

  • Conducting searches on prior art (state of art)
  • Advising on patentability
  • Monitoring use and publication of patent
  • Drafting of specification
  • Application and registration of patent
  • Advising on protection of patent
  • Opposition and appeal in respect of patent application
  • Litigation in relation to infringement of patent
  • Drafting and recordal of patent assignment and licensing agreement

Patent rights protect new technologies, inventions and creations. Inventors and owners are protected for their rights of manufacturing and sale of the technologies, inventions and creations. There are two types of patent in Hong Kong: Standard Patent and Short-term Patent.

Owner’s rights

Patent owners have the right to sell and manufacture their new technology and creation. Any 3rd parties can be prohibited of using the technology and the inventive creation without the owner’s permission. Patent owners can take civil action against infringers to protect their rights.

Term of Protection

  • Standard Patent

    Maximum 20 years from the date of application in the designated patent offices (People’s Republic of China, United Kingdom or European Patent Office)

  • Short-term Patent

    Maximum 8 years from the date of application.